FC Brandywine Philosophy

FC Brandywine will use the 5 pillars to create the total soccer player.  Through a structured classroom style approach in collaboration with paid professional staff members, volunteer parent coaches and board members, developing each player as an individual and install a love for the beautiful game that will last forever.

FC Brandywine U11 and U12 Philosophy

There are three main techniques that our U11 and U12 players will need to be introduced to, and given a lot of repetition—Passing, Shooting/Finishing, and Receiving with their back to goal.  Since we intentionally focused on ball control and dribbling at the U9 and U10 levels, we will need to give our U11 and U12 players plenty of repetition and coaching on passing.  Even if it is not a specific topic for the day, our U11 players need to have some activities where passing can be improved at every practice.  They will need constant instruction and reminders on where their passing technique is breaking down.  2v1 and 2v2 games are excellent ways to give our players lots of passing repetition.  In addition, our U11 and U12 players need to be introduced to shooting with the instep (laces).  Again, there will need to be constant reminders of what the proper technique is.  The other technique that needs to be introduced is receiving the ball with their back to pressure.  This will lay the groundwork for when we work on playing to teammates in deep positions.  Do not forget, however, that players at this age group still need work on ball control, dribbling and receiving.  Just because these were focal points for U9-U11 does not mean that our players are experts at these techniques.   Warm ups are a great place to keep these techniques developing.

Tactically, our U11 players need to be introduced to the concept of movement off the ball.  They need to be put in situations where they recognize the importance of providing wide and deep support to the player with the ball.  Again, the 4v4 environment is the best way to help our players understand these concepts.  Also, players at the U11 and U12 age group need to be taught the basics of defending.  For U11 players, some time will need to be spent on 1v1 defending.  They will need a strong foundation in 1v1 defending (the concept of pressure), so they can eventually understand and be successful with future defending topics.  If they have a good understanding of 1v1 defending, U12 players can be introduced to the concept of defensive cover, mainly by working in 1v2 and 2v2 situations.  Understanding the ideas behind pressure and cover.

FC Brandywine U13 and U14 Philosophy


Ball Manipulation; Increased range/texture of passing; Increased Speed of Play; Team offensive and defensive responsibilities; mature level of physical and mental competence; Investment in non-dominant foot with every technique.

Goalkeeper: Established position now: Intermediate level footwork and diving; reaction and second saves; angles; ability to deal with more complex crosses; greater ability to deal with back pass under pressure; conditioning


Increased level of tactical demands, including unit shape in each third of the field as well as basic team shape in attacking and defending situations


Players should be being challenged physically and should have an awareness of how to use their (more coordinated and developed) body appropriately in competitive situations.  Players should be receiving game and position-specific conditioning on a weekly basis.  Players may be on a low-level resistance training program, depending on their physical maturation.


Emotions are high for both genders and should be managed; training environment should be very competitive, but still enjoyable and fun; greater expectation of mental toughness; identify leaders and give them additional responsibility.