FC Brandywine Philosophy

“Our club concentrates on the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) of players and creates a Player-Centric environment that progresses into a Team Centric environment as the players age, starting in mixed ability and progressing through carefully planned sessions into ability based teams.”

  • Jim Wallace - FCB Technical Director and USC Master Coach who can be followed on twitter @BeautifulGame19

FC Brandywine U8 - U10 Academy

(player centric environment)

Academy Style Training is when a club/association keeps a collection of players within an age group as opposed to placing them on individual teams. The academy is a concept that is based on the professional soccer club systems from around the world.

Many academies do not “cut” or “tryout” younger players and all children that want to play can participate. There are no A, B, and C teams with these academies as players stay in pools and can be moved back and forth according to their progress and development throughout the seasonal year.

  • US Youth Soccer

From the ages of U8 - U10, our program moves from complete mixed ability at U8 to ability based at U10.  This program provides ALL the players with an appropriate amount of work under the 5 pillars to compete at the U11 age group.


FC Brandywine U11 - U19 Philosophy

(team centric environment)

Travel soccer with professional staff coaches planning a Long Term Player Development program based on the players on their team while covering all 5 pillars of a TOTAL soccer player.

FC Brandywine Age Group Teams