FC Brandywines Player Development Philosophy

Based on total player development.  This is only possible if the entire club agrees to serve this aim.  These coaching manuals present an organized and logical progression of teaching the techniques and tactics of the game of soccer that will prepare total soccer players by the time they have gone through our club.  As a club, we must always remember that soccer is a game that belongs to the players.  Overbearing adults who try to micromanage how the kids play the game on the field are the enemy of player development.  Instead of ruining the enjoyment of the game, as coaches we must harness their love of this beautiful game and encourage it.  We should encourage our players to play as much as possible on their own, without coaching and parents who are yelling and screaming instructions to them.  The rest of the world calls this “street soccer”, and it is the environment that many of the world’s best players were developed under.  Development and winning are often opposed to each other.  We guarantee that our players will value the championships won at high school ages much more than they will remember the tournament they won when they were ten years old.

Directors Development Program (DDP) Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The Directors Development Program (DDP) will provide a player-centered Developmental program that focuses on creating a nurturing, educational soccer environment.

Founding Clubs: Nether United, Rage SC, Spirit United SC, West Chester United, West-Mont United & YMS


  • Provide appropriate competition
  • Provide appropriate training to game ratio
  • Encourage creative freedom in training & in games
  • Create free player movement within age groups to ensure the top players can play up and be challenged
  • Reduce fear of failure by eliminating the pressure of winning games with more emphasis  on individual player development
  • Eliminate  labeling players at such a young age by creating player pools instead of assigning them to “A”, “B” & “C” teams with the goal of developing a larger pool of talented players at the U9 & U10 age groups
  • Appropriate travel to play time ratio


  • Clubs will participate in one game per week
  • Game formats will include but not limited to 8 v 8 and 6 v 6
  • Emphasis on players making decisions on the field by coaches limiting their coaching points to natural stoppages & ensuring the players learn to solve some problems on their own
  • Emphasis on keeping the games flowing by limiting number of time substitutions are made
  • Emphasis on setting technical goals to measure success, no scores/standings